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So here's the deal: I'm obsessed with music production! I first got into electronic music production when I attended The Beat Lab Academy in Los Angeles in 2015. When I made that transition from singer-songwriter with my guitar, to you-can-create-literally-anything-imaginable, my brain exploded.

This is why I love teaching music production: because I know how intoxicating it is to pull out the melodies and ideas in your head, and finally be able to listen to them out loud. Through teaching, it is my goal to empower people to know that they can literally create anything they want, and then show them how to do it.

I teach workshops and private classes. For workshops, see below info. For private classes, email me at

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Intro to Ableton Workshop

Love making music? Want to learn how to capture your musical ideas in the computer? You’re in the right place! In this four week course, we will be starting from the very beginning, and teaching you how to use Ableton Live to program MIDI instruments and drums, edit and record audio, manage and export tracks, and apply audio and midi effects to your sounds. By the end of this course, you will create a song using the techniques we learn in class.

Classes will be held virtually on Tuesdays from 6-8pm PST, from Jan 5 - Jan 26. Additionally, we will have Musical Play Dates on Mondays from 6-7, (Jan 11 - Feb 1). You will also receive detailed class notes, and class recordings. The cost is $188.

Facebook event here.

Register here

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The murky swamps of Ableton are slightly less frightening now that Lillian has shown us around! And Lillian is an awesome, encouraging, and inspiring teacher!

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This class was an excellent introduction Ableton Live! As someone who had not had too much experience with a DAW before, your course really showed me the incredible depth and power Ableton has to offer for music production!

Lillian Frances Logo.jpg

[Lillian’s] explanations and definitions were top notch. [She] did a great job being consistent with your terms/language. [Her] enthusiasm totally makes the experience. I walked away with very tangible tools.


I loved [her] attitude and demeanor through class. It felt fun and silly while also being professional and just formal enough.

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