Super Bowl Party is a witty, facetious pop song that pokes fun at the Patriots and the patriarchy. 

  Timeism EP

Timeism is a reflection of Lillian's millennial experience—living at home with mom, pursuing her art between bartending shifts, and swiping around dating apps.


The five songs on her album tie together natural and synthetic sounds over driving beats, heavy bass, and soaring vocals. Her lyrics read like a journal—honest, funny, and at times, raunchy—as she effortlessly glides between singing in English and Spanish. 


Her aim for the EP is to connect with as many people as possible by taking deeply personal, often isolating, sentiments and transforming them into music that resonates universally. 


The Gravestone Feel EP is a dreamy adventure through a synth pop staircase where tension between dark and light, life and death, leads you always upwards but never higher. It is a celebration of the pure creative energy that propels life forward, and the exuberance of being wrapped up in this beautiful, limitless flow of life. It is about moving quickly, but feeling deeply. About tuning in to the generous gifts of the universe, and ebbing and flowing along the waves of higher harmonics that exist, just out of sight, all around us. 



This EP is for when you pull into your driveway but keep the car running to lap up that last bit of song that drips out the stereo. It tugs at your imagination as watercolor light hangs in the warm air of your car, illuminating the little specks of dust that float inside. A little universe drifts around you. And you, the big, clumsy giant in the picture, get to sit there and witness its rotation. So you feel lucky, and bask in its simple beauty and modest vastness. 

© 2020 by Lillian Frances