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learn how to make the music you hear in your head

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do you want to record and produce your own songs?

do you want to have fun and explore a new creative expression?

   what is the sound playground?

The sound playground is an 8-week virtual course that will teach you how to record and produce music in Ableton Live. By the end of class, you will have developed the skills you need to start creating music that you are proud of that is uniquely yours.

Over the course of these two months, we will have fun diving deeply into music production in Ableton and you will feel confident producing and releasing your own music. Topics we will cover include (but are not limited to): beat making, sound design, synthesis, sampling, creating instruments, arranging songs, mixing songs, and finalizing them for mastering and distribution.

If you've always wanted to make the music you hear in your head, but haven't known where to start, The Sound Playground is for you.

the deets

-this is a virtual class; it will be taught over zoom

-it runs 8 weeks starting june 25th

-class will be held twice a week on tuesdays and thursdays from 6-8pm pst

-enrollment opens thurs, june 13th at 9am pst and closes weds, june 19th at 9pm pst

-to keep the class small and personal, seating is LIMITED

-cost is $449


*Payment plans available; email lillian directly at

do you want to create music independently, without having to book producers, engineers, and studio time?  

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do you have dreams of performing your own music on stage?

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what's included

-32 hours of instruction

-a 3 month trial of ableton live

-30% off purchase of full version of ableton live

-class notes

-class recordings

-around the clock teacher support

got more questions?

check out our FAQ page

or email



Want to get on a payment plan? Reach out to and we'll get you set up.

meet your teacher

Hi! My name is Lillian Frances and I'm a music producer and educator. Most of my life growing up I secretly wanted to be a musician, but was too afraid to even admit it to myself. I was scared I wouldn't be any good, that it would be too hard, that my ambitions were embarrassingly grandiose and that I wouldn't be able to "compete" with musicians that had already been doing it for years or decades.

But after a a lifetime of repressing my dreams, I finally realized that my desire to make music would never go away, and that starting now was sure better than starting in a year, in five years, etc. In 2015 I realized that electronic music production was the way to go, because it literally allows you the freedom to create anything and everything sonically. Plus it's hella badass and fun as all heck.


But learning a music production software can be intimidating. I still remember the first time I opened up Ableton Live and though "there is literally no way I'll ever be able to learn all this." I thought because I wasn't a "tech person" it was way out of the scope of my abilities. Turns out I was dead wrong. Anyone can learn to produce music; you can certainly learn to produce music. 

I feel passionately that being a beginner is the most powerful position you can be in, and it's my goal to make learning music production as easy and fun as possible. I want you to feel empowered to create the music you hear in your head, and to have fun doing it. Let me show you how!

do you want to put your own music up online to share it with friends and fans?

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student testimonials

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