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When and where will class be held?

Class will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm PST, virtually over Zoom. You will receive class notes and recordings afterwards, so if you have to miss a class you can catch up on your own time.



What will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to know to mix your tracks and get them sounding polished, professional and ready for release. 

In this course you will learn about mixing theory and be given a framework to approach mixing. The main topics we will delve into include: volume, panning, space (like reverb and delay), width, saturation, EQ, and compression. You will learn how to use these tools to help place each one of our sounds in its unique space in the stereo field. 


We will also cover serial, parallel and bus processing, how to prepare your songs for mastering, and how to master if you'd like to do that yourself, too.


By the end of this course you will have mixed music ready for release.


Isn’t mixing music like… really hard?

No. Not if it's explained correctly! It should be easy, not hard; intuitive, not confusing. Literally anyone can do it… trust me if I can do it you can do it!


Will it challenge you? Of course! But the good kind - the kind that makes your brain feel good and makes you feel powerful and capable. My goal is to teach mixing in a way that just makes sense. I feel like I was a beginner forever, so I’m able to see things as beginners do. I believe this gives me a unique ability to explain complex concepts simply and in a digestible manner. It’ll make sense… I promise.

How much does it cost?

Since the course is virtual and there are other students in class, I’m able to offer The Sound Garden at the highly competitive price of $289. Included in the cost is 16 hours of class, class notes and videos that will be accessible 4ever, one-on-one mentorship, around the clock teacher support and 40% off Ableton Live.

This course will pay for itself almost immediately. It costs about $150-500 to get a song mixed by someone else... so just think of how much money you'll save by not having to hire somebody to do it for you. Plus, when you get good enough you can charge others to mix their music for them.

Why should I learn from a class instead of just learning for free on YouTube?

YouTube is wonderful; I love it as a source for filling in the blanks of our knowledge, and learning from different perspectives. However, it’s not the place you want to start learning about mixing.

When you’re just starting out, It’s hard to know what you need to know and in what order, and there is no order to follow on YouTube. Many beginners make the mistake of diving in too deep too fast (e.g. getting wrapped up in a video about mid/side EQ before they really understand what sounds need EQ in the first place). Learning mixing concepts in the right order is critical for proper understanding and to avoid getting overwhelmed and quitting.

And on the topic of overwhelm - there is SO much on YouTube that it’s nearly impossible to sort out which are the good videos, who are the reliable teachers, and which concepts are actually necessary at your stage in the mixing journey. More often than not, you will end up spending huge amounts of time searching for the perfect video only to find duds, frustration, and possibly even giving up.

Also, unless you are practicing the techniques you’re learning on YouTube, you won’t remember anything. A video binge won’t get you anywhere unless you put the techniques in practice. In The Sound Garden you’ll be learning at a tested and proven pace that will allow you time to practice the concepts as we learn them, and allow time to let them soak in.

I don’t have the time now, will you be teaching this class again later?

I’m not sure if and when I’ll be teaching this course again. If this is a particularly busy season for you, remember that you will get access to the class notes and videos forever, so once you enroll you can go through the material at your own pace.

“I don’t have enough time” is one of the most common “imagined” barriers to music production that I hear. While I understand that we can all get busy, the reality is that we all have the power to make time for what’s important to us. I encourage you to reflect on what you’re currently spending time on, and see if there’s a way to rearrange your schedule so that it allows for more time to spend on music.

The reality is that few of us actually “have time” to spend on our music - we make time for it. It’s less a matter of what you have time for, and rather what you choose to prioritize. If you choose to prioritize mixing your amazing music so you can finally release it, then I bet you can find the time.

Does it matter what DAW I use?

Nope. I will be working in Ableton Live, but the concepts of mixing apply across all DAWs. Wether you're in FL Studios, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, or another DAW, this class will be hugely valuable for you.

However, I do offer all my students 40% off Ableton Live (a $300 value) so that can be arranged if you'd like. 

Do I need a studio or fancy gear?

Nope. You will, however, need a computer with a DAW on it, and at least one song recorded/produced and ready to mix. I also recommend you get speakers, headphones, a microphone, and an audio interface. However, you don’t need these all right away - you can grow your setup one toy at a time.

The most important thing you need is the desire to learn. I want to help you make your music sound as amazing as you know it can sound. I know how much time and energy goes into creating your music, and I want you to do it justice. But my teaching and my encouragement won’t go anywhere unless you have the desire to learn and put to use what I teach you.

What if I have to miss a class?

That’s okay! While I like to have everyone present in class because I love seeing and interacting with everyone, if you have to miss a class you can watch the recording and review the notes on your own time.

What if I live in a different time zone and can’t make class like... ever?

I have students from around the globe, and for those who are in a time zone that’s incompatible with the class, they follow along with the recordings and notes. For these students, I do my best to connect with them outside of class, too, since I don’t want them to miss out on opportunity to ask questions me questions as they come up.

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